IB Music

The International Baccalaureate Programme is recognized worldwide as an interdisciplinary approach to a liberal arts education in a rigorous environment. The International Baccalaureate Organization was founded in 1965, to develop an international standard for high student achievement that could be recognized worldwide. All curriculums at Sussex Central High School are based on Delaware State Standards and the Common Core. International Baccalaureate course syllabi with topics and goals have been submitted to International Baccalaureate for approval.

Only students who have applied to the International Academy at Sussex Central High School and who have been accepted are eligible for these courses.

IB-MUS300 (Gr. 11), IB-MUS400 (Gr. 12) - International Baccalaureate - Music HL

Prerequisite: Application to IB Programme

This course is a two-year course that prepares students to sit the IB Music Examination in May of their 12th grade year. This comprehensive course encompasses music theory and analysis, composition, music history, multicultural/non-western music, and performance. The exam will require students to analyze and compare/contrast two large-scale classical works in addition to recognition and analysis of traditional art (classical) music and non-western music. Students will be expected to perform solo repertoire in their own performing areas and submit original compositions and arrangements. Students must have at least two years performing experience in instrumental or vocal music and are recommended to have at least a year of piano and music theory instruction.