IB Dance

The International Baccalaureate Programme is recognized worldwide as an interdisciplinary approach to a liberal arts education in a rigorous environment. The International Baccalaureate Organization was founded in 1965, to develop an international standard for high student achievement that could be recognized worldwide. All curriculums at Sussex Central High School are based on Delaware State Standards and the Common Core. International Baccalaureate course syllabi with topics and goals have been submitted to International Baccalaureate for approval.

Only students who have applied to the International Academy at Sussex Central High School and who have been accepted are eligible for these courses.

IB-DNC300 (Gr. 11), IB-DNC400 (Gr. 12) - International Baccalaureate - Dance HL

Prerequisite: Application to IB Programme

The IB Dance curriculum offers a comprehensive approach to dance and a variety of traditions and dance cultures. Performance, creative and analytic skills are mutually developed and valued whether the students are writing papers or creating/performing dances. The curriculum provides students with an arts and humanities orientation to dance. This instruction facilitates the development of students who may become choreographers, dance scholars and/or performers.