Visual Art

About the Program

Students studying Visual Arts at Sussex Central learn the elements and principals of art while preparing academically for college and life. The visual arts at Sussex Central High School offers a wide range of course offerings branching into 2 dimensional art (drawing, painting, printmaking, etc.) and 3 dimensional art (clay, sculpture, etc.). There are also opportunities for advancing into Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate programs. Everyone can be taught to create art so don't be worried to sign up even if you are a beginner! Whether they continue into a career in the Visual Arts field or not, student will be exposed to historical and contemporary styles from different cultures with the goal of broadening their frames of reference and perspective.

Course offerings and options:

  • Art I

  • Art II Two-Dimensional Expression

  • Art II Three-Dimensional Expression

  • Art III Two-Dimensional Expression

  • Art III Three-Dimensional Expression

  • Independent Art Study

  • AP Art Studio 2D Design

  • AP Art Studio Drawing and Painting

  • AP Art History

  • AP Art Studio 3D Design